Role of sensors in Science & Technology and development of society is growing at an accelerated pace. Basic sensing elements have been privy of few countries and their technologies are not readily available to our research community in critical technology areas. Wherever they are available they come with exorbitant costs and constraints.

It is right time for furthering indigenous development of sensors, which in turn will benefit many sectors and will reduce dependence on others completely.

In order to bring academicians, developers, researchers and students involved in the research and development of sensors onto a single platform, Research Centre Imarat (RCI) organized a National Conference on "Advances in Sensors for Aerospace Applications" during 14th - 15th December 2007. Participants were from various labs belonging to DRDO, ISRO & DST, Industry, IITs, Universities and NITs.

Panel Members Shri R. D. Shenoy, Lt. Gen (Dr.) V. J. Sundaram, Prof. K. R. Sharma and Late Shri P. Banerjee, took part in a discussion at the end of the conference and recommended that an Integrated Sensors Development Programme on the lines of integrated guided missiles development program, be initiated so that development of sensors required by various sectors like, medical, Agricultural, environmental, automobile, science & technology and Aerospace can take place effectively.

With this as background, "Sensors Research Society" was founded in May 2008. Aim of this society is to bring expert researchers/scientists/developers in the area of sensors and students together on to a single platform to make a strong base for sensors development.

Aims and Objectives :

1.To promote and to foster the development of Sensors for advancement of scientific knowledge and society at large.

2.To encourage wide-spread dissemination of technical and other information relating to Sensors through various means such as seminars, publications, audio visual presentations, collaborative research, training courses etc.

3.To stimulate public interest in and support for the multifaceted development and applications of Sensors through any appropriate media.

4.To stimulate and encourage participation in research and applications related to Sensors by national institutions, universities, commercial and Industrial organizations and individual specialists.

5.To encourage and support, among members, activities related to growth in their professional knowledge on Sensors.

6.To participate in and to foster co-operation with International institutions and associations with similar purposes and to represent internationally, the scientific and technological work of India in the field of Sensors, and to advise, as called for by appropriate government or non government organizations, on professional aspects related to the development and applications of Sensors.

7.To create, support and foster subsidiary associations and institutions dedicated to promote the development and applications of Sensors.

8.To organize and arrange for the meetings of the Congresses, Committees and Conferences, in pursuance of its activities.

9.To secure and administer funds, grants and endowments for the furtherance of research in Sensors and to institute awards, prizes or research grants to individuals or Institutions/Societies for furtherance of advancement of knowledge in Sensors.